5 Things To Track In The New Year

bullet journal

Hello friends! As you may have noticed, we’re in 2019 now! I love the change over from one year to the next, I think it’s a great time for reflection, reform, and goal setting. A lot of people are very focused during this time of the year and mindful of what they say and do. So its a great time for adding new collections and trackers to your bullet journal!

Today I’m going to share 5 things that you can track in the new year to reconnect with yourself and examine your life. These things can easily be made into trackers in the journal or simply tracked on a sheet of paper.

So without further ado, lets get started!

  1. Mood

I have always been a strong advocate of tracking ones mood. Mood is a huge indicator of what is going on in your life, what the stresses and joys are. Tracking your mood can help you figure out what goes on inside your crowded head, and it can be a really useful tool in its own right.

If you’re interested in a good, easy to use mood tracker, I highly suggest you check out Karas (or Boho Berry)! If you sign up for her newsletter, you get access to all sorts of fun stuff, one of which is an easy printable mood tracker. Check out her website here!

2. Gratitude

I think gratitude tracking is so so important! People often forget that their lives are full and wonderful, getting caught up in the bad stuff. I find that if I gratitude track I can stay in a more positive mindset.

Gratitude tracking is simply writing down something you’re grateful for every day. I try and do this every month or so if I can, and it’s a really good tool! Some people keep while separate journals and such for things like this, but I find that for a quick log, my bujo is plenty!

If you are looking for a deeper experience, a separate journal would work better. This would leave more room for elaboration and really getting into what you’re grateful for. If you’re looking for a serious change, this might be the best option for you!

3. Reading

Lots of the new year goals that I’ve seen are focused on expanding the mind, so what you read could be a great way to work on this particular goal! A 52 week reading challenge might be a good way to get started with this! There are lots of great communities out there that are doing book club esque things that you could join, or you could make your own with friends!

This is a great post breaking down reading challenges and talking a lot about reasons you should read more! Its pretty nonspecific and really open to interpretation, but if you want some guidance or you don’t have a very long tbr, you should check out this post with a full structured list of the types of books you should read in 52 weeks and a free printable to help you track it!

4. Sleep

I cannot even begin to stress how important sleep is. As a college student, I often fall into bad sleep habits, but since I have a class at 11 this month, I’ve found that that extra sleep is amazing for my general well being! Sleep tracking is amazing, but it can be a lot of work to fill in that tracker every day and keep track of when you’re waking up and going to sleep. However, if this is something you struggle with I think the effort is totally worth it and its a great tool!

5. Fitness

This category is really open to interpretation, and there are a lot of ways to make a tracker in this category that works for you! You can track steps, work outs, yoga, weight, water intake, and even eating habits!

I think this practice is so important in making sure that everything is going right with your body. Its adds a real aspect of mindfulness into your relationship with your body and makes you think about your health choices in a real deep way.

I’m tracking exercises in the new year and I’ve found that it really helps me feel more like I’m actually accomplishing stuff when I see it on paper. The progress is so much more real that way.

Overall, habit tracking is one of the most amazing things you can do to change your life, with or without a bullet journal. It is an amazing tool that helps us figure out what parts of our life are moving forward, which are stalled, and which are falling back into bad habits. The more we think seriously about our choices, the closer we get to leading a happy, healthy life!

I hope you all are having an amazing month, best of luck to you in your future tracking endeavors!


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